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The Rudy Poo Kids

This website is dedicated to the Rudy Poo Kids. This show was created by Lyle "Stylin' Lyle" Harris.

Originally broadcast in Iowa, the show has also been shown on other stations in other places.

Lyle created this cartoon, and it's characters, as a way to teach kids important lessons in courtesy and good behavior. The cartoon was shown on his program "The Lyle Style Show".

In this cartoon, which is hosted by a genie cow named Elmo, a cruel and sexist veterinarian gets his due from Homey the Dog and his friends. It also retells the story of the Three Little Pigs with a modern twist.

The cartoon was written by James Grob and Ben Rollins. Ben Rollins also provided the voices for Elmo, the veterinarian, Homey the Dog, the pig, and the wolf.

The production values are a bit cheesy, the sound quality isn't very good, and the voices could use some work, but it isn't too bad - overall.